A complete customer lifecycle management system for SMEs in the financial services arena.

t100 supports and stores KYC information from the first customer communication (prospect stage) through information gathering, carrying out due diligence, identity checks, sanction and risk checks, through on-going monitoring, trading pattern analysis, financial reporting, tax reporting and AML reporting.

The system is aware of current legislation and regulatory requirements and proactively monitors all client activity creating alerts whenever any user defined threshold is breached. In addition to a range of standard reporting, such as the annual Financial Crime Report, users can create their own reports by selecting the fields they require from the database. The system was designed and built from scratch in 2017 by Thames Systems Limited in partnership with a global clearer.


At a glance

  • Functionality

  • Built in CRM

  • Customer Portal

  • Full Suite of KYC Features

  • AML Monitoring

  • Configurable Dashboards

  • Tax and Regulatory Reporting

  • Data Integrity Checks

  • Rules Based Alerts

  • Client Review Tools

  • Compliance Diary

  • User Reports

  • Automated Company Structure Diagrams

  • Support

  • Bespoke Development Packages

  • Standard UK Hours Included

  • Extended Support Available

  • Security

  • ISO27001 Certified Data Centre

  • Strong Customer Authentication

  • Data Encryption

  • Firewall Controlled Access

  • Daily Vulnerability Scanning

  • Encrypted Remote Backup

  • International

  • Multiple Language and Character Set Support

  • ISO 3166 Country Codes

  • Multi-Currency Support

  • CRS and FATCA Reporting

  • HKFE Established Client Monitoring

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